Commit to Adopting Joy and Keeping It

July 15, 2018

Adoption is a serious commitment.  The word is most often applied to adopting children and pets.  Sometimes people adopt inanimate things  When people adopt a school, park, or library, they do it with a spirit of commitment.  This is how we should feel about adopting joy.  Read the following excerpt taken from the book: Several Simple Solutions (Solving Everyday Problems).  Notice the book’s analogy about adopting joy.  Having joy leads to self-empowerment and personal growth.

adopting joy - snoopy

Adopting Joy

Adopting joy in your life is not a whole lot different from adopting anything else that you make a commitment to.  Think about it for a moment.  When you adopt a child, adopt a pet, or even adopt a tree; you are making a conscious and definite CHOICE.  You are also making the decision to commit to and safeguard whatever it is you are adopting.

The same is true when you choose to adopt JOY.  This is not meant to compare, belittle, or lessen the importance of adopting a child, a pet, or anything else for that matter.  It is merely meant to show what an important place that JOY should have in our lives.

When we adopt joy, we are making a conscious choice to be “joyful”.  That means that we have to commit to safeguarding and protecting our joy.  We cannot leave it exposed to thieves who would love nothing better than to rob us of our joy.

If you’re ready to make that type of commitment, why not make today adoption day, and go out and adopt a little joy?

Commit to Adopting Joy

All serious commitments require being consistent.  If you commit to adopting joy, you must remain dedicated every day.  Do all you can to protect your your.  Do not allow negative talk to kill your spirit.  Don’t listen to people with negative things to say.  Focus on positive words and actions.  Stand your ground and maintain your joy.

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