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Many of the common questions about life have to do with focus and motivation.  Anyone of us can become down, depressed, or just plain agitated about our lot in life.  This can lead to a loss of focus and motivation. Let’s take a moment and see why.

Common questions about life, including comments on motivation

Motivation Out the Window

Regardless of what our life or life goals consist of, staying focused and motivated doesn’t always come naturally.  Not everyone is capable of self-motivation and losing focus is not uncommon.  We tend to think we’re alone in our misery.  That is definitely not the case.  For everyone who thinks their life totally sucks, someone else is dying to be in their shoes!  Unfortunately, we don’t always feel like people think we should.

Discontent with Life

Why do people always manage to find a way to be discontent, no matter what we have in life?  This is NOT an attack on you or your degree of being grateful about what you have.  This is just a simple observation and question as to why human beings have a tendency to think this way.  The answer:  It’s human nature!

Common Questions About Life & Focusing On Goals

Common questions about life, including discussions about focusing on goals

Loss of Focus

One thing that can add to our blurred misconception about our lives is a loss of focus.  Don’t focus on what you don’t have.  This will cause you to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole.  Do you often wonder:

  • How come nothing ever works out? 
  • Why does everything in my life always go wrong? 

Stop thinking about all the things that are wrong.  The solution is to start focusing on what is right in your life.

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Loss of Motivation

It stands to reason that eventually, a loss of focus will end up leading to a loss of motivation in your life.  When you stop being motivated about the things you previously cared about, your focus has become completely obscured.  If this happens, you are long overdue for some positive thinking.  Positive thoughts, advice and affirmations can help you regain a fresh and new outlook on life.  Does any or all of this sound like something that may be happening to you?  First of all, know that you’re not alone, and you CAN empower yourself by cultivating the right attitude.

What are some Common Questions about Life

Common questions about life that people typically ask

Many typical questions about focus and life goals are constantly asked.  Visitors to the Quora website and others are always looking for helpful answers.  You may have found yourself asking a similar question to the ones cited below.  As you read the corresponding article, consider how the response can be applied in your own life.  Use the material and simple solutions to help improve your own focus, motivation, and person growth.


  • Are there ways to stay motivated and focused on dreams?

  • Will I be able to achieve my goals in life?

  • What are reachable goals?

Focused Motivation Helps You Achieve Your Dreams


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