NANO Month 2018 Participants Prepare to Promote Your Success

July 13, 2018

NANO Month 2018 participants have a few short months before the challenge begins.  Do you  plan to join the National Novel Writing competition this year?  November is just around the corner.  Start getting motivated now.

nano month 2018 participants start preparing - november calendar

Think about how you plan to promote your future book success.  Don’t wait.  Get started on this long before the writing competition is over.  The rules to the challenge are very basic.  There is nothing wrong with doing advance preparation.  Have you read the previous NANO related blog post?  It contains the 3 primary NANO requirements.

NANO Month 2018 Preparation

How can you prepare in advance for the upcoming NANO Month 2018 challenge?  Get your thoughts and research together now.  Locate some published authors online who are willing to talk about book marketing.  Don’t look at these activities as being premature.  Visualize the completion of your book.  Keep these 3 tips in mind for your 2018 NANO Month preparation.

  • Think about what you want to write about.
  • Make notes about the title and plot of your upcoming novel.
  • Consider what you want your book cover to look like.

NANO Month 2018 participants prepare

Successful Results for NANO Month 2018

Are you thinking about the successful results you expect from the 2018 NANO Month challenge?  If you allow yourself to focus on successful results, you can be successful.  Keep a positive attitude about your pending results.  This will provide you with the encouragement and motivation you need to continue pressing forward.  Always think positive by planning how you will promote your new book.

Look at the reprint of a former NANO related article post.  Notice how I started promoting my 2017 NANO book early.  NANO participants should do as much advance preparation as possible.  Start promoting your book title right away.  Make your book cover visible as soon as you get one created.


Historical Las Vegas Moulin Rouge: Subject of Author’s 2017 NANO Book

2018 NANO Month - Moulin Rouge promot

This year, I enthusiastically started writing my book on November 1st, right along with the other thousands of Nano 2017 participants.  My story:  “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” is a novel based on the historical events surrounding the first Las Vegas racially integrated casino.

Reality through Fiction

I decided to cover this important topic in a unique and creative way.  I wrote a work of fiction, based on historical events.  Readers get a glimpse of reality through the use of fiction.

NANO Month 2018 participants - moulin rouge book success

To this day, with so much speculation surrounding why the bustling casino went bankrupt in a few short months, many view it as a mystery.  As with any unexplained mystery from the past, there are countless theories as to the reason why the casino closed.  Between racial tension, politics and mob corruption, some people believe the 1955 casino was never given a fair chance.  In “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge,” April is one of those people.


April Mae March is a young black freelance writer and blogger living in Los Angeles.  She’s always been intrigued by the mystery surrounding the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Casino.  She’s even compiled a thick folder full of related notes and facts over the years   In pursuit of her longtime dream to write a book on the subject, she decides to take a road trip to Vegas and do some further research.  Her quest to dig up new details about the casino takes her on a crazy mixed up journey where she ends up fearing for her life.


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