NANO Month Success Is Possible This Year

September 14, 2018

NANO month is swiftly approaching.  Countless new and existing authors will emerge this November for the 2018 National Novel Writing Month challenge.  Will you be one of them?  If so, start preparing right now.  NANO month success is possible this year if you’re willing to make advance preparation.

nano month success

What Does NANO Month Success Involve?

Most online writers are at least slightly familiar with the whole concept of NANO Month.  The goal of the challenge is to complete a 50,000 words or more novel in the course of 30 days (November 1st – 30th).  The thought of participating is intriguing, but it is also intimidating.  Whether or not you succeed involves a number of factors, including the ability to write a coherent and readable book.  Writing and completing a whole book is only one element of success.  Creating a marketable book is another element and a different level of success.  But don’t dismiss the success that comes from no longer procrastinating about “going to write a book.”  You’re a NANO Month success, the moment you go from going to write a book, to actually writing one.

My View of NANO Month Success

nano month success

As a former participant of the 2016 and 2017 NANO Month challenges, I view success in many different ways. My two completed novels were both a direct result of pushing myself during the NANO competition.  The related posts on my website discuss my feelings during the time I was trying to complete the challenge.  I was ecstatic to publish both “Skipping Childhood” (2016) and “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” (2017) in under 35 days.  But more importantly, my real success was learning how to develop an entire book outline, set a schedule AND agenda, and stick to it consistently.  What I learned in the first challenge helped me improve during the second one.

What is True NANO Month Success?

If you’ve never entered a previous NANO competition, you may not truly understand what counts as success.  The NANO competition is a personal challenge.  Any level of completion is an indication of your personal growth.  Striving to fulfill the basic rules of the competition is a lofty goal.  But there is actually a more important objective that some writers  overlook.  NANO Month helps you develop valuable writing skills.  Participating in the NANO challenge forces you to fuel your creative juices and write on a daily basis.  Learning to develop this habit is invaluable to a writer.  Try it and see.  Even if you don’t manage to finish your book in November, your NANO Month will still be a success.  If you finish at least 75% of your book by the end of November, you’ll have the drive to complete it before the end of the year.  That’s still a win!

Tips for NANO Month Success

  • Start thinking about the plot, characters and content of the book you plan to write
  • Create a preliminary outline for the book and update it accordingly
  • Compile notes (written, typed, taped) about any random book-related ideas you get
  • Give some thought to your intended audience and what kind of existing fans/followers you have

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