My Personal Growth

The last couple of years have been a busy time for me.  All the ups and downs have taught me to recognize my own personal growth.  I have also come to appreciate my author website.    Now I understand the importance of branding.  A personal domain name is very important to your sense of personal growth.  This Personal Growth Motivator blog is an extension of the website.  Motivating other people is another path to personal growth.

Stopping to recognize your personal growth will help you become self-empowered.  Becoming self-empowered is the perfect way to stay motivated.  Motivation will help you stay focused on your dreams and life goals.  These steps are the path to a happy and successful life.


How Do You Recognize Your Personal Growth?

There are many different ways to recognize your personal growth.  Every individual is unique.  Most people like to put their trophies and other awards on display.  Rarely do we make a fuss over the little accomplishments we achieve.  It is a big mistake when we fail to acknowledge our lesser achievements.  Small accomplishments should be celebrated.  Don’t just celebrate the big accomplishments in life.

When you pat yourself on the back for something small, you are starting to recognize your personal growth.  Go ahead and celebrate YOU!

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Success & Your Personal Growth

Do you feel silly when you get excited about a small win?  Small successes are part of personal growth.  Not every success has to be a huge one.  Think about how practical the following two questions are.

  1. What do you do if nothing big happens during the course of the year?
  2. Does it make sense to feel like a failure if you don’t have any major success in a while?

You don’t have to celebrate a small achievement with a lot of bells and whistles.  It’s okay to celebrate a small success in a small way.  Do something extra special for yourself.  Acknowledge your achievement however you want to.  There is one thing you must include.  Create some kind of visible record of your achievements.  Design yourself a “brag board.”

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Self-empowerment & Your Personal Growth

A “brag board” can be something simple like the page you are viewing.  There are no rules to how creative you can get.  Think about the following suggestions:

  • Start with a simple list or log sheet of personal accomplishments.
  • Design an infographic or power point style visual ad.
  • Spell out all the “minor” accomplishments you have made during a specified time frame.
  • Print your work out and post it on the wall.
  • Save an image of your work to the desktop as a screensaver.
  • Publish the results on your blog or website.

your personal growth - success

It doesn’t matter which way you choose to design your “brag board.”  The board is strictly a form of self-empowerment.  Look at it every day.  It will serve as a constant reminder of the gradual progress you’re making toward your goals.

This is the kind of motivation that will cause you to challenge yourself.  Challenges are a good thing.  They teach us that we are so much more than we ever realize.  +

Here is what the book:  Several Simple Solutions had to say about challenging yourself.


personal growthHave you ever heard the expression:  “Beating your personal best?”  If someone tells you to strive to beat your personal best, that is just another way to say that you should challenge yourself to do better!

Sometimes when we are good at something, we tend to pat ourselves on the back and experience a sense of pride.  There is nothing wrong with this, because that is the whole point of setting goals and expectations and feeling a sense of accomplishment.


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