How to Benefit from Self-help Audio Books

August 19, 2018

Have you ever thought about how you can benefit from listening to self-help audio books?  You would if you had a membership on the website.  Audible is one of the most popular places to go online and purchase audio books.  Self-help audio books (like Several Simple Solutions) make some of the very best audio books.  Here are 3 primary benefits to listening to self-help books, instead of just reading them.

  • Playing an audio book saves time
  • Listening to audio books is convenient
  • Audio books allow for repetition

Self-help Audio Books Save Time

Is there something you’re trying to learn how to do or understand?   Chances are, you may be thinking about reading a how-to book or self-help guide.  People love using guidebooks that provide step-by-step instructions.  But sometimes you just can’t seem to find the time to pick up a book.  If this sounds like you when it comes to reading self-help guides, you may need to purchase a self-help audio book instead.  Audio books can save you lots of time.  You can usually listen to them while you multitask so you don’t have to stop whatever you’re doing.

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Listening to Self-help Audio Books is Convenient

Are you or someone you know an avid reader?  Nowadays, the phrase “avid reader” takes on a whole new meaning.  You might be someone who goes through 3 or more books a week, without actually reading one.  People who listen to books purchased on Audible still consider themselves to be readers.  Websites like Audible, iTunes and countless book listening apps have taken over.  The truth be told, many people would rather listen to directions and “how to” instructions instead of reading them.  Being able to listen to a self-help audio book is an advantage, whether you are busy working, or simply relaxing.  Audio books are a convenient way to learn something new.  You can take them anywhere.  Just pop on your headphones and listen discreetly.

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Listeners Learn Better from Self-help Audio Books

There is no doubt that listeners learn a whole lot better from self-help audio books.  There is a certain degree of retention that comes from reading information.  But don’t underestimate the advantage of listening to that same material, over and over.  Readers learn better from the self-help audio books they listen to because of repetition.  What better way to learn and retain something, than to hear it repeated time and time again?

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New Self-help Audio Book Available

As was previously mentioned, my new Several Simple Solutions (Solving Everyday Problems) publication is now available in audio book format.  This title is among the self-help audio books available on the Audible website (only $6.95).  The valuable information contained in the guidebook already provides advantages to traditional readers.  It is packed full of practical and helpful advice that can help you solve everyday problems.  But the lively and animated reading of the material makes it that much more beneficial.  Listeners will appreciate hearing all the important points they want to retain.   This can be a boost to your personal growth and development.

Expert Audio Book Narration

There is no doubt, that narrator Wendy Almeida brings a high level of professionalism to the books that she narrates.  This is evident in the sample excerpt below, taken from Several Simple Solutions.  Wendy has also narrated other books that can be found on Amazon’s Audible website.  They include:

Listen as Wendy reads a segment taken from Several Simple Solutions.  This particular excerpt is from the Relationship section of the guidebook.

self-help audio books - bookcover

If you don’t already have an Audible account, now’s the time to get one.   Become a new Audible member and see what great book bargains they offer on all their novels and self-help books.  You can also purchase this book directly from the title’s Amazon page.


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