Self-motivation Still Requires Outside Help

September 14, 2018

Self-motivation requires outside help from other people and a variety of sources.  In reality, it may actually take a number of outside influences to help you finally motivate yourself.


The above book is one I finished reading recently.  The author talks about a different form of creativity other than writing, but I could still relate to the material as a writer.  The contents of the book really helped me stop and take stock of my own personal growth.  I found this book (and others like it) extremely motivating.  Contrary to what anyone may claim, no one in the world has ever really succeeded entirely on their own.  Here are some important elements about self-motivation that you should never take for granted.

How Self-motivation Involves Others

Just how do others affect our self-motivation?  We get motivation from other people in a variety of ways and media.  Books, movies, films, audio tapes, music and videos all play an important role in motivating people.  When and if you succeed, you won’t be able to deny the helpful words and influence you got from others along the way.

The bottom line is, self-motivation is something that you absolutely can’t accomplish alone.  Does that sound crazy?  It probably does.  After all, isn’t relying on yourself the whole point of self-motivation?  Unfortunately, that is what too many people mistakenly believe.

Common Forms of Self-motivation

Stop and think about the successful, self-driven people that you personally know or have heard of.  Ask them about the sources of their motivation.  They will probably start doing one or all of the following:

  • Mentioning people they admire and follow
  • Naming titles of books that moved them (one way or another)
  • Sharing poems, affirmations and positive words that inspire them

These are just a few of the typical outside sources of self-motivation that successful people rely on.  No matter which words of wisdom or forms of inspiration they choose, the origin stems from someone else.

personal development tips - audio book

Do you want to learn how to motivate yourself on a regular basis?  Realize that you need help from someone or something else.  Find a good source of inspiration and motivation, not just about your career, but about your life.  Listen to stimulating and motivating audio books like Several Simple Solutions, a positive little guidebook (also available in Kindle and Paperback format).

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