GRIND: That Thing that Black Indie Artists Do Best

September 17, 2018

Black indie artists constantly stay on the grind and they know how to do it best.  When it comes to creative ways to self-promote online, indie authors and music artists go out of their way.  Are you or someone you know a black indie author or music artist?  Then you know all too well about that thing that indie artists do best; grind.

About Black Indie Artists

Indie artists have a lot of similar characteristics, no matter what their genre or talent happens to be.  The word indie is a cute way of referring to these hardworking, single-focused writers and music artists who struggle independently to accomplish their dreams.  Of course no one ever truly succeeds completely alone.  My recent blog post on the topic of self-motivation brings this point out.  But when it comes to determination, indie artists seem to have an extra dose.  That means being willing to put in a whole lot of work, even if you have to do it on your own.  This is not true of some writers and music artists who prefer to wait until they’re discovered.

Black Indie Artists Push Harder

nano month success

Speaking as a black indie author myself, I can honestly say that most black indie artists tend to stay on the grind if they’re serious.  That amounts to pushing yourself to work harder.  You have to possess the confidence to get out there and get your art in people’s face.  Serious indie artists (black and otherwise) don’t have time to sit on their hands and wait for folks to finally discover their talent.  Black indie artists know you have to be confident and motivated enough to help promote yourself.  When you are, there are numerous online resources to help you take an active part in your own success.

Resources for Black Indie Artists

Many online book publishing and marketing resources are available for the self-published indie author.  Besides the whole Amazon publishing and distribution platform, they offer a variety of tools to help expose your book titles.  But Amazon is just one in many places that indie authors can turn to for all kinds of book related help.  There are too many places to count when it comes to showcasing your work, promoting your links, and even requesting feedback.  Is much of the work tedious and often time-consuming?  Yes.  Will it eventually pay off in the long run if you don’t get weary and tire out?  That’s another YES!

If you think indie book authors have a lot of great places to showcase their work, you should check out some of the platforms for the indie music artists.  A recent article I wrote on this related subject was titled:  Are You Sleeping On New Black Indie Artists In 2018?  The article introduces readers to Black Ltd Radio, an online station that plays music from new indie artists.

black indie artists

The station runs 24/7 and offers listeners a chance to enjoy creative works from all genres.  This station is still growing, so there are still many opportunities available to new up and coming artists, as well as Dj’s and show hosts.

If you’re a serious indie artist, why not pop over to the site and see what all they have to offer.  And don’t be afraid to do that thing you do best.  START GRINDING!


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